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Do you believe in your MBTI? 이미지
Do you believe in your MBTI?
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  • Do you believe in your MBTI?By Joung In-young Reporter, Sophomore of Electronics Control EngineeringHave you ever seen links about Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) floating online or SNS? The tests have received so much attention that they have appeared in trending topics. There are also various types of personality tests, such as flowers and colors. As some people say, even if there are people who have never done it before, no one has only done it once. It is a personality type test known to identify personality through simple testing procedures. So, do the simple questions define personality? And what about the accuracy of the test?MBTI? Personality test?MBTI stands for Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. It is a self-report personality type testtool, designed by Myers and Briggs, based on the psychological typology of the Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Jung, which puts people into one of 16 different categories.Eight indicators and 16 personalities that are the criteria.Sensing (S)Intuition (N)Thinking (T)Feeling (F)Feeling (F)Thinking (T)Introversion(I)Judging (J)ISTJISFJINFJINTJPerceiving (P)ISFPISFPINFPINTPExtraversion(E)Judging (J)ESTPESFPENFPENTPPerceiving (P)ESTJESFJENFJENTJWhich MBTI test is correct?There are many different tests related to MBTI, such as free internet tests,short one-page tests which are reduced to a few questions, or tests that go aroundonline communities. Are all of these formal and reliable?This is interview data for the head of the research department of MBTI Research Institute in Korea.○ How is the simplified MBTI seen from the perspective of an expert?I think there is a high risk of incorrect information which results from this simplistic process. The source of the test is also unclear.○ What do you think of the 16 types?- I don't think MBTI can define and express all personalities. You have to take care in naming it, such as a Brave guardian type. In the case of a simple test, it is easy to have prejudice and misunderstanding about others by separating people according to the framework of That person has this type of personality.○ Do you think it is possible to predict marital harmony with MBTI?-This reminds me of guessing the percentage of affection between students from the name of their elementary school. I think the attitude of recognizing diversity of types should come first. I cant help thinking that it is better to assume certain connections based on things like the types of makeup that each person wears.The method of knowing my personality correctly.If you want to officially conduct an MBTI test, but it is difficult to meet experts in persondue to personal conditions, you can experience a formal MBTI test through Assesta, anaffiliate of the MBTI Korea Institute. (This inspection is for a fee.)If you are a student at HBNU, you can make a reservation at the Student Counseling Center before conducting an examination.The student counseling center is located on the third floor of the student center in S2.MBTIhas been prevalent in recent generations of MZ. Four letters of the alphabetthat defined personalities to either new people, or the people around us. This can also define the way that other people see you. So why don't you try to find yourself in a more accurate way by taking the test?
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Subscribe! Before You Become Car-Poor! 이미지
Subscribe! Before You Become Car-Poor!
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  • Subscribe! Before You Become Car-Poor!By Lee Jun-hyeong Cub Reporter, Senior of Chemical and Biological EngineeringNowadays, its inconvenient to get around without a car. If we go out on the road during morning and evening rush hour, we can see a lot of cars. Just a few years ago, we rarely saw luxury imported cars on the road. However, if we look at the cars passing by these days, we can see many. In addition, a lot of luxury imported cars are parked in the studio parking lots where younger workers and students usually reside. The owners of these luxury cars are often referred to as car-poor these days. Lets check out what car-poor means.1. What is car-poor?Carpoor is literally a compound of the words car+poor. We define people who live in financial difficulties after buying an excessively expensive car, compared to their economic ability. This concept is comparable to house-poor, which is struggling to pay back interest after buying a house with a large loan.2. Whats the cause of car-poor?First, our parents generations and younger generations have differences in values. There is an increasing number of YOLO people who want to enjoy the present rather than invest for the future. If not now, people are buying luxury imported cars thinking about when to drive them. Second, is the quality, which can be attributed to the attention you receive when you are parking a luxury car. When you get out of the car, you feel superior in the eyes of the people around you, and that can be attributed to trying to enjoy their gaze.3. Whats the process of becoming a car-poor?Lets talk about buying a car, BMWs midsize sedan that is worth 50 million won. If we pay 20 million won in advance, then we have to pay the remaining 30 million won in a five-year monthly installment plan. Also, insurance will be more expensive compared to domestic cars, Other fuel costs, maintenance costs and taxes are also added. As a result, more than 1 million won will be spent on a car alone every month. It would be fine if we could afford this amount. However, the reality is that most younger generations do not have this much economic leeway.Based on the annual salary of 30 million won, they spend more than 1 million won on cars alone, and if they pay rent, they can hardly afford a house. As a result, after buying a car in installments, the financial burden becomes too high, and most of the time, they cant pay back all the car installment plans, so they have to sell it. Also, if there is an accident, the value of the car will drop considerably.4. Car-poor phenomenon, what is the problem?a) Personal AspectThose who have become indebted with high interest rates in the third finance will most likely give up their vehicles at maintenance costs, including pre-paid purchase costs and installments. As a result, it comes to a desperate reality of failing to pay and we become a credit delinquent at a young age.b) Social aspectIf we cant afford the cost and have to apply for personal rehabilitation, the burden will be transferred to financial companies. Increasing the number of such people will increase the insolvency rate of financial companies, which will require the government to inject public resources and lead to tax expenditure.5. How to avoid becoming car-poor?We need to consider our own income. Even if we dont have a certain income, we are tempted to buy a car impulsively as a result of the various advertisements, and of our surrounding atmosphere. However, we can quickly see that the happiness will be short-lived. So we have to think realistically. First, we need to calculate whether we have a stable and fixed monthly income. After that, we must think about how much money we usually spend in a month on living costs.What should we do if we cant buy a car at all? There is a subscription service platform that can be used only when the car is needed. If we pay monthly regular rates such as Volvos Care by Volvo and BMW Minis All The Time Mini, we can rent various models of the brand at a scheduled time. Domestic car brands such as Hyundai Selection, Kias Flex Premium, and Genesis Genesis Spectrum have similar services. Using these car companies services, and paying for the car only when necessary, may also be a good way not to become car-poor.So instead of wasting all our time and money paying for a car to impress other people,lets focus on our inner self-improvement rather than simply trying to show off our outward social status!
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Add a Story to An Advertisement 이미지
Add a Story to An Advertisement
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  • Add a Story to An AdvertisementBy Jo Tae-yeon Reporter, Junior of economicsModern people are living in a flood of advertising. The media says, we contact about 3000 ads in a day. Yet, no one realizes that they see or hear that many ads in a day. So, where do we see all of these ads?Actually, we are exposed to ads all the time, but we dont always recognize them. There are ads in newspapers, magazines, and on the Internet. We even see ads by reading our breakfast cereal box or recognizing the red of a famous brand of soft drink. Also, ads come to us on TV hidden in our favorite dramas. A popular drama that aired in 2016 drew the attention of viewers by indirectly showing branded cars stopped in front of a traffic light. Also, when we walk on the street, we can see ads posted in shopping centers, on buses, and billboards, but they are just some of the means to advertise. Because so many people use social media all day, its another place to see even more ads for shopping, cosmetics, and food.Why does a company make an ad? Consumers take pride in the products they use. However, if the company doesnt advertise its product, customers will be disappointed and lose trust. Although a company may have good quality products and services, they cannot sell to consumers without making sure there is confidence in the company. In other words, the companys image that consumers can see is created through ads.Companies make people remember and buy products through ads. They advertise in an exaggerated manner or with a celebrity. However, consumers do not remember all ads just because they are exposed to them. Information is very diverse, but they judge all information without accepting it as it is. As they only remember the ads they need, companies should make ads that consumers can remember. So, companies create ads with storytelling to make consumers remember the ad and form an emotional connection. Storytelling is a combination of story and empathy, that is getting the consumer to feel what the person in the ad feels. By putting the story in the ad and delivering it in an interesting and vivid way, the ad remains in the memory of the consumer. We remember for a long time ads with addictive lyrics and melodies, unique content, and touching stories. Then, what are the ads that remain in peoples memories?Chevrolet SparkModel: Shin-guStory: Every day, Shin-gu cuts out car newspaper articles, researches the car, visits the showroom, and takes notes of the salespersons explanations. Shin-gu, who is expressionless throughout the advertisement, smiles brightly after finally choosing the car. The car chosen by Shin-gu is not for him, but for his granddaughter. The granddaughter is very happy, and Shin-gu who sees such a happy granddaughter is also happy.Ad objective: According to a survey of compact cars bought for another person, such as a Gift to a Wife, Gift for Mother, or Gift for university admission, people usually care most about safety when they buy a car for a loved one. Chevrolet presents Shin-gu, who showed his warm heart toward people in Better Late Than Never, to prove how much he values the safety of the car for his granddaughter. Other car ads mostly show the appearance of a running car with a beautiful model. However, the Spark ad showed the story of the gift giver and his detailed car purchasing process. And, people empathized with the ad.KB Financial GroupModel: Young fathers with children under 40 months oldThey selected ordinary office workers who had never been on air as models and gave viewers faith in thead.Story: A hidden camera recorded a survey conducted with young fathers whose children were under 40 months old discussing the role of fathers in the development of children's learning. The survey questions were, Have you ever watched your child sleep? What food does he like? How many pictures of your child are in your wallet? Their faces were filled with laughter just thinking of their children. The next question changed the word child to father to have them think about their relationship as a son to their own father. When the word father came out, the laughter disappeared from their faces. Also, when their father appeared in a video letter, they shed tears.Ad objective: KB Financial Group represented the minds of all workers and drew sympathy. It also gained peoples trust with the last phrase, KB Financial Group supports your father. Those who saw the ad were touched, saying, I think those who know how much I love my father are not going to harm him, I thought it was natural to be a father when I was young, but its so hard, and Im going to tell my father I love him now. The ad, which was broadcast in 2015, is one that many people still remember because it was so touching to peoples memories.Nike WomanModel: A woman who enjoys sports.Story: If sports-loving women wearing Nike products upload a photo of themselves to Instagram with the hashtag called #betterforit, Nike will put posters in outdoor places throughout Moscow. Then, people can take another picture with the poster and post that picture on Instagram as an interactive challenge.Ad objective: This ad received peoples attention for being a consumer-participating ad. Nike motivates consumers to have courage and a sense of challenge, while increasing the value of the company which then prompts consumers to look for Nike. Ads do not just emphasize products, but also support and motivate people. This shows that the Nike brand can be a boost to their consumers, raising brand loyalty toward Nike.Companies use storytelling ads to enhance the effectiveness of their product and show consumers sincerity. Consumers are impressed by ads with stories, and they sympathize with the company. In the process, consumers have faith in companies and remember their products. Consumers who have seen the KB Financial Group ad will think of them first when they need financial instruments or present the financial instruments to their parents.This is the reason companies make ads using storytelling. It helps consumers find their products by reminding them of the company or by reminding them of the product. Have you ever bought a product because of an ad? What storytelling ads d o you remember?
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The Big 3 Compound Movements 이미지
The Big 3 Compound Movements
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  • The Big 3 Compound MovementsBy Lee Jun-hyeong Cub Reporter, Junior of Chemical and Biological EngineeringIn weightlifting, athletes focus on The Big 3 Compound Movements. This is a generic term for the squat, bench press, and deadlift, which is featured in the sport of powerlifting. If you go to the gym these days, you can see that people do these exercises regardless of gender.These movements are important to your overall strength. The first movement helps to develop core muscles that are utilized when performing any exercise. The second is complex joint exercise. As a result, more muscles intervene than in other exercises. This promotes the release of various hormones. The third movement helps develop whole-body muscles by developing motor neurons. Lets take a look at The Big 3!1. SquatA squat is a good exercise to develop hamstrings (rear thigh muscles) and hip muscles. It also helps with the development of erector spinae muscles.Spread your feet out slightly wider than your shoulders and spread your toes out a little bit. Secure the entire foot so that the weight does not tilt too much to the front or back of the foot. Breathe in and keep the diaphragm tightened while pushing the stomach out. Just as your feet open sideways, your knees should go down slightly outward. Meanwhile, the entire back should be straightened so that no part of the spine is bent. When you put the barbell on your shoulders, you should put it on the thickest part of the shoulder and spine and pull it hard toward the body to maintain tension.2. Bench pressThe bench press is the heaviest upper body exercise and a typical chest muscle exercise. Holding a heavy weight means that various muscles and joints are used.When bench-pressing, hold the barbell with a wide grip. Keep your feet on the floor a little wide apart. Also, the waist should be slightly raised from the floor, arching the entire back, and the position of the barbell should be at about the center of the chest.3. DeadliftThe Deadlift is a movement to lift a stationary object and a representative lower body strengthening exercise. It is an especially important exercise that gives nutrition for muscle development of the hip and rear thigh muscles and overall muscle development. Therefore, it can increase and improve muscle strength for the whole body. It is important for the entire lower body to move smoothly as the hip moves. For this purpose, the barbell should be placed over the center of the foot, at the body's center of gravity. When you lift the weight, you have to lift it with the entire sole of your foot firmly embedded in the ground. At the end, the spine should remain fully extended and neutral throughout the exercise so that there is no forward bending of the spine.Try the big three compound movements the next time you work out. When you develop a program that works for you, the gains will appear. Along with taking care of your health through proper eating habits, The Big 3 will help you make a better body.
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Forward Head Posture 이미지
Forward Head Posture
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  • Forward Head PostureBy Park Ji-hyeon Cub Reporter, Senior of English Language and LiteratureNowadays, more and more people are using smartphones and computers. In addition, because of the coronavirus pandemic, most classes are being held online instead of face-to-face. So, many individuals engage in extensive use of computers, tablets, and phones. Individuals who maintain an awkward neck posture for prolonged periods of the time during these activities are susceptible to neck pain and muscle strains. What should we do to prevent this painful forward head posture? Lets explore this subject in more depth below.■ What is Forward Head Posture (FHP)?Forward head posture, sometimes called iHunch, Wearsie Neck, or Text Neck, refers to a posture where the head appears to be positioned in front of the body. Technically speaking, a forward head posture means that the skull is leaning forwards, more than an inch, over the atlas (which is the first vertebrae in your neck).■ Side Effects of Forward Head PostureForward head posture typically means theres an imbalance between the muscles supporting and moving your neck, back, shoulders, and head. Over time, this imbalance can cause the muscles in front of your neck to become weak while the muscles in the back of your neck become short, tight and strained. As the imbalance in the neck muscles continues, it is easy to feel tired, and symptoms such as headache, dizziness, and eye fatigue can also be seen. When left uncorrected, the problem continues getting worse. In other cases, forward head posture is a symptom of a more serious problem, like chronic neck pain or kyphosis. So, if you have symptoms, you should see a doctor.■ How to Know If You Have Forward Head Posture?☑ Your shoulders and neck are often stiff.☑ When seen from the side, your head appears to be positioned in front of the shoulders.☑ Your back is bent.☑ You are easily tired and have headaches and dizziness.☑ You have a tired and uncomfortable feeling in the back of your neck.■ Great Forward Head Posture Exercises- Exercise 11. Place 2 fingers at the bottom of your chin.2. Gently tuck your chin in and gently push your head backwards. At the same time, use your fingers to keep the chin tucked in the entire time.3. Hold the end position for 3 to 5 seconds.4. Relax your neck for a moment.5. Aim for 2 to 3 sets of 10 repetitions.-Exercise 21. Start either in a standing or seated position.2. Place one of your hands on the opposite side of your head.3. Now bring the head down towards your shoulder.4. Use the hand overhead to press your neck down to get a deeper stretch (not too hard).5. Hold for 20 to 30 seconds and do 2 to 3 sets.■ How to Fix Forward Head Posture1. Position your computer screen 18 to 24 inches from your head (about an arms length), with the top of the monitor at eye level so you dont constantly look down to see your screen content.2. Perform posture breaks for 30 seconds every hour of your workday.3. Choose a sleeping pillow that supports the natural curve of your neck.4. Choose a backpack proportional to your body. Take some time to remove unneeded items so you arent carrying unnecessary weight. It is recommended that the weight of the bag does not exceed 10 percent of your weight.The most important thing is to prevent forward head posture through healthy living habits. Start forward head posture exercises from today because they will relieve your tense neck muscles and let you have healthier days.
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OPAL: A New Trend
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  • OPAL: A New TrendBy Yoon Ji-yeon Reporter, Sophomore of Electrical EngineeringHave you ever heard the words MIGHTY MICE? It might be an unfamiliar expression to many people because it is an expression that was made in 2020. Every new year, Seoul National Universitys Research Institution of Human Ecology predicts the new consumption trends of the year, and makes a keyword that includes all of them. MIGHTY MICE was made as the keyword for 2020. Each letter in MIGHTY MICE has a meaning, these include Immediate Satisfaction: Last Fit Economy, Goodness and Fairness, Here and Now: the Streaming Life, Technology of Hyper-personalization, Youre with Us Fansumer, Iridescent OPAL, Convenience as a Premium, etc. For more specific keywords, check the picture on the left. Among these many trends, this article will specially talk about OPAL.What is OPAL?OPAL means the 5060 generation, which refers to new middle-aged people. With the extension of life expectancy, the socially accepted life cycle has changed. Also, a new class of middle-aged people was made. This generation makes up a large portion of the Korean population. Also, in terms of economy and society, the new middle-aged people are now the main customers, unlike the past when people of this age were considered elderly people and showed a small presence as customers.The name OPAL has three origins. First, it is an abbreviation of Old People with an Active Life. Second, it is from the Korean pronunciation of 58 years which is the typical baby boomer of the 5060 generation. Lastly, it comes from opal which is a kind of jewel. This means that the OPAL generations actions resemble an opals iridescence, which contains every color.OPAL has also received much attention beyond Korea. The UKs weekly news magazine The Economist noted that this generation has reached their prime and their choices will make big changes in consumer goods, service, and financial markets.So, why are they receiving so much attention? Lets find the reason with some keywords.TrendyThe biggest difference between the previous generation of elderly people and OPAL is that in the past elderly people showed a low smartphone utilization rate. On the other hand, OPAL use smartphones skillfully. The OPALs internet utilization rate is not so different from that of the 2030 generation. According to the 2018 Internet Usage Survey by the Ministry of Science and ICT and the Korea Internet Promotion Agency, 97.7% of people in their 50s and 86.3% of people in their 60s use the Internet through smartphones.Smartphone users over the age of 50 choose YouTube as the most popular application, just like the other generations. Also, people in the 50s account for 20.9% of mobile payment users. Their trendy behaviors influence the consumer market, too. The information that they get from media, like YouTube, is directly connected to mobile shopping, and they are growing as the new main consumers in the mobile shopping market.Consumption for ThemselvesOne of the biggest features of OPAL is that they have enough accumulated assets and leisure time after retirement. Now, they can finally spend their money and time for themselves.This feature greatly affected the K-Trot wave. Trot music was mainly popular for the older generation, and it couldnt get a big spotlight with every generation. However, a Trot contest program showed high ratings and popularity, based on the active response of the OPAL generation. After the end of this program, the OPAL generation continued supporting Trot singers. The OPAL generation streamed this music online, cheered passionately at concerts, and this drew big attention. With this positive response from the OPAL generation, some TV programs related to Trot were produced, and Trot is now becoming familiar to the 2030 generation, too.When young people think of the 5060 generation, we usually think of old people gradually falling behind the times. However, that idea is becoming just a stereotype. Now, the OPAL generation is shaping the hot trends of consumer and economic markets. Also, the OPAL generations passion to pursue their true dreams after retirement, not just to maintain a simple livelihood, is a good example for todays 2030 generation.We should break away from the conventional stereotypes, and recognize that people our parents age can adapt to new trends. If we can look at these changes positively and associate them with our own futures, well know that we can prepare for a better future of our own choice.
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I Can’t Believe You’re Dead: The Werther Effect 이미지
I Can’t Believe You’re Dead: The Werther Effect
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  • I Cant Believe Youre Dead: The Werther EffectKim Hyeong-jin Reporter, Senior of EconomicsThis year, many celebrities passed away by accident or suicide. The press reported their deaths and the public mourned. When a celebrity dies, some people cant believe their favorite celebrity is gone and they may visit the grave out of grief. Some fans even commit suicide, because they equate their life with the deceased celebritys life. This phenomenon is known as the Werther effect.The Werther effect is a copycat suicide seen when celebrities die under various circumstances. This effect increases when a celebrity suicides, especially if a person can identify with the celebritys life more than their own dark life. The origin of the Werther effect began with the novel Die Leiden des jungen Werthers, written by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. After the novel was published, many young readers suicided like the character Werther, who shot himself for failure with Rotte. This effect is also referred to as suicide contagion.American suicide researcher, David Philips, first used the phrase the Werther effect to explain the pattern of increasing suicides after a celebritys death. The Werther effect contains three parts. First, after a celebrity suicide, people learn of the news when it is broadcast by many news stations and in papers. Then, fans are in deep sorrow from the fact, because if they identify with the celebrity the death amplifies their melancholy. As they identify more and more with the celebritys life, feeling, environment, etc., they commit suicide because they want to become like the celebrity.The cause of the Werther effect is not learning the news of a celebrity death or suicide, but rather it is because the person has melancholy or depression to begin with. The Werther effect suicides are inherent in melancholia or depression in the mind. Their mind feels like committing suicide because the sad news amplifies their melancholy. Therefore, the news is only responsible for the Werther suicide because it can spark an effect.To reduce suicide rates, the media has to broadcast anti-suicide campaigns. Anti-suicide campaigns have been shown to decrease suicide rates by 15 percent statistically when they are consistently broadcast. For example, the Werther effect does not happen in areas that are served by MTV because they consistently tell the audience, Dont commit suicide during the news of a celebrity death. Specifically, in 1994, after the suicide of Nirvana lead singer Kurt Cobain, MTV focused on anti-suicide messaging to support fans and prevent copycat suicides.The melancholiac patients have to improve their mind. They must have composure regardless of what the news says. Psychologists advise that those who are affected by depression be counseled by mental health experts. They say patients should try counseling to improve their mind positively. If they do not get counseling, they may push themselves toward death.Jang Guk-youngJang Guk-young was one of the most famous actors in Hong Kong movies. In April 2003, he suicided by jumping off the 24th floor of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Many press reported that he was in the doldrums and was stressed by the attention that surrounded him. Nine hours after he commited suicide, six women suicided by jumping because of his death.Choi Jin-silChoi Jin-sil lived a successful life as an actress. However, she suffered from a scandal regarding her divorce from Jo Sung-min. After struggling with the rumors, she committed suicide by hanging herself. After her suicide, her brother Choi Jin-young and her ex-husband Jo Sung-min also killed themselves. This is an example of how somebodys death affects their acquaintances, like family or friends. In other words, the Werther effect is correlated with closeness.After her death, the press reported the suicide incidence increased. According to the statistics, the overall incidences of suicide doubly increased and the rate of death by hanging tripled. This example shows how copycat suicides can be seen to follow the celebritys suicide method.Recently, many celebrities have passed away from suicide. Although mourning the dead and comforting people who were related to the death is understandable, it is unjust to follow the death with your own. If you suffer from depression or melancholia, you must not push your life toward the dark, but must change your life positively.
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Let’s Learn About Skateboards 이미지
Let’s Learn About Skateboards
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  • Lets Learn About SkateboardsBy Park Ji-hyeon Cub Reporter, senior of English Language and LiteratureIf you go to a park, you may see many skateboarders. Also, skateboard clubs and classes are increasing as more and more people want to learn how to ride a skateboard. You can watch numerous videos on SNS featuring people dancing on the board or performing tricks on the board. These days, board videos are popular on SNS because so many people enjoy them. In fact, skateboarding was even added as a new event for the Tokyo Olympics to attract younger viewers.HistoryA skateboard is a type of sports equipment made of a board with 2-pairs of wheels attached to the underside. The sport started in California in the 1950s as surfers in California wanted to enjoy the feeling of surfboarding even on days without waves, so they attached roller skates wheels to a smaller surfboard.PartsThe board consists mainly of a deck, wheels, and trucks.-Deck: The deck was originally a wide wooden board on which feet are placed when riding a skateboard. Some modern cruise skateboard decks are made of plastic. Each type of board has a different deck shape.-Wheels: These are usually made of polyurethane, and come in many different sizes and shapes to suit different types of skating.-Trucks: Two metal trucks connect the wheels to the deck.Types of skateboardsTypes of boards include the skateboard, longboard, and cruiser skateboard. They are usually distinguished according to the size and shape of the deck.-Skateboard: In general, the front part of the skateboard is slightly higher and longer than the back. It is the most basic form of the board. And, it is the slowest of the boards because it uses a hard and small wheel. However, the skateboard is designed to enjoy a variety of tricks rather than speed.-Longboard: It is a board with a longer deck. They have the most various shapes and sizes of deck. The long and wide deck allows smooth skating so you can enjoy doing tricks like dancing.-Cruiser Skateboard: Unlike other types of boards, it is small and aimed at skating on the streets. As it is for skating, with soft wheels, it is light and easy to carry.Tricks-SkateboardOllie: The Ollie is the first trick that most people learn when they start skateboarding. It is essential for everything that follows. As it is a combination of stomping the tail of the skateboard off of the ground, you need to get the board mostly vertical, jumping, and sliding the front foot forward to level out the skateboard at the peak of the jump.Powerslide: A powerslide is the coolest and fastest way to stop on a skateboard. It is executed when you are skating along, and spin your board to the side and skid to a stop.-LongboardDancing: It is stepping and turning on the deck as it rolls so that it looks like dancing.Downhill: This is when skaters literally go down a slope. The speed can be so fast that skaters can reach more than 100 km per hour.-Cruiser SkateboardKickflip:A kickflip is a cool skateboarding trick which is basically a variation on the ollie. In a kickflip, you jump vertically, then use your front foot to flick the board so that it spins in the air before you land.Eun Ju-won and Choi Yu-jin, who are Korean skateboarders, will participate in the Tokyo Olympics. Now that you know about skateboards, you will have another fun event to watch at the Tokyo Olympics.
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How to Overcome Aging 이미지
How to Overcome Aging
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  • How to Overcome AgingBy Lee Woo-seung Cub Reporter, Junior of Mechanical EngineeringEveryone knows that health is very important in our lives. However, many people overlook the importance of health until they lose it. Today, the average person lives to be much older than those who lived decades ago. This may sound like very good news, but the time to live with disease has increased as well. Recently, scientists have been trying to shift their focus from "Life span" extension to "Health span" extension. This means that we can increase our time on earth while being free from disease. To do this, scientists have put a lot of effort into finding the root cause of conditions that have a negative effect on our health. As a result, over the past few years, research on aging has made tremendous advances to the point where clinical trials are possible in the near future.SENESCENT CELLSThere are three issues that would be good for you to know about aging, the first is "senescent cells." Every cell has an expiration date. Cells copy chromosomes when they divide. Because of the way this works, they lose a tiny bit of DNA at the ends. This could be catastrophic, so to protect against this we have long segments of DNA called telomeres. However, this also shrinks with cell division. In some cells, after a number of divisions, the telomeres are gone and they are unable to function properly. These cells are what we call senescent cells. Senescent cells stay around and dont die. The older you get, the more of them are inside you. The problem here is that senescent cells damage surrounding tissue and cause various diseases, resulting in aging. Is there any way we can get rid of these senescent cells? Scientists have applied genetic modifications to mice that can kill aging cells on their own. Older mice without senescent cells were more active. Their hearts and kidneys worked better, and they were less prone to cancer. While most cells are designed to kill themselves when they are heavily damaged, senescent cells are not. This is because proteins in the cells command suicide, but senescent cells do not produce enough protein. In a late 2016 study, protein was injected into mice. The injection killed 80% of the senescent cells and the mice became very healthy. As a result, there are a number of new companies looking at treatments involving senescent cells.STEM CELLSThe second is the "stem cell. Stem cells are everywhere in the body and replicate to supply new cells. Stem cells are needed for an embryo that is not yet fully grown to develop properly. However, they are also necessary for the adult body to supplement new cells. In a stem cell experiment, scientists took the stem cells from a young mouse and gave them to an old mouse. As a result, the new stem cells injected into the old mouse helped the metabolism, causing the old mouse to find vitality. In another study, embryonic cells were injected directly into the heart of an old mouse. As a result, this mouse lived longer than ever before, and hair in missing areas grew anew.NADCells are made of hundreds of millions of parts. All these parts constantly need to be destroyed, cleaned up, and rebuilt. However, as we get older, the efficiency of these processes decreases and eventually do not meet the production our bodies need. One of these parts is NAD, short for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotidea, a coenzyme that plays a role in maintaining the metabolism. At age 50, we only have about half as much NAD in our bodies as we did at age 20. Decrease in NAD causes various diseases. But, NAD cant enter cells so we cant get it as a pill. Scientists noticed that other more flexible substances could enter cells and would then turn into NAD inside. In 2016, multiple trials on mice showed that they boosted the multiplication of skin, brain, and muscle stem cells. Therefore, scientists expect that NAD will serve as the first real age resistor for humans.WHAT SHOULD WE DO?As described, there are various ways to prevent aging. Killing senescent cells, using stem cells to fill the void, and controlling the metabolism of healthy cells using drugs are some of the ways scientists are researching. However, one of the biggest problems is that so far it's only been applied to mice. There is no guarantee that any of these experiments will have the same effect on humans. What this shows is that we should not expect a breakthrough any time soon, so we should continue to work to ensure successful aging.
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Healthy Bacteria
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  • Healthy BacteriaBy Jeong Hyo-bin Cub Reporter, sophomore of Chemical and Biological EngineeringRecently, much research on the intestinal microflora that has a big effect on the immune system as well as intestinal health has been published. As interest in intestinal microbial bacteria grows, related products continue to come out. Let's find out which of the many lactobacillus products to choose.lFirst generation lactobacillusThere are fermented foods, like yogurt lactobacillus.Related products : Yogurt, Yoplait, etc.Representative germ : Lactobacillus delbrue-ckii subsp. BulgaricusEffect : intestinal regulation, constipation prevention, etc.lSecond generation lactobacillusThere are products that increase the number of lactobacillus.Related products : bulgasisRepresentative germ : Lactobacillus acidophilusEffect : constipation relieflThird generation lactobacillusIt is an individual lactobacillus that has a useful effect on the human body.Related products : LACTO-FIT, GQlab, etc.Representative germ : Lactobacillus plantarumEffect : differs from fungus to fungusLactobacilli have different efficacy from fungus to fungus. The table below shows the various lactobacilli. The best way to choose a lactobacillus bacteria is to look for which one will have the correct effect on your health.How can we choose a good lactobacillus product?1. CATCH the Korean characteristic!There are lots of lactobacilli and bifidobacteria in Korean intestines. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose a product that can cause more of the same intestinal germs by eating a product that contains a lot of familiar bacterial strains.2. CHECK the amount of lactobacillus!There are products that show the number of beneficial bacteria or lactobacillus. Beneficial bacteria are various useful fungi, including lactobacillus. Therefore, it is important to select a product that has a large amount of lactobacillus, not just a product that has a large number of beneficial bacteria.3. CHECK Myself!Synbiotics contain not only lactobacillus for us, but also feed the lactobacillus that reside in our intestines, which makes the environment of our intestines more comfortable. Therefore, in the case of immunosuppressive patients or people with diabetes, the product should be selected through expert consultation.Determine what effect you need, what your condition is, and choose the right lactobacillus. If you do so, not only will your intestinal health improve, but your overall health and immune system will also. There are many kinds of Lactobacilli that have many difficult names, but with a short amount of time and attention, you can find the synbiotic product that you need. Let's get healthy with close attention!
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